Athena’s Elements Crochet Kits and Giveaway!


A couple weeks ago I purchased a Crochet Case from Athena’s Elements. Shortly after, I received a vey nice follow up e-mail from the owner Grace who wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with my purchase. Of course I was thrilled with her product and she was thrilled to hear I was the crocheter behind Repeat Crafter Me! After exchanging several e-mails and getting to know each other, Grace offered to send me some of her products and host a giveaway right here on my blog!


Athena’s Elements has two absolutely fabulous Crochet Kits that I think you guys are going to love!



You can purchase the Deluxe Aluminum Crochet Kit HERE

The Athena’s Elements Deluxe Aluminum Crochet Kit is the #1 top rated crochet kit on Amazon and for good reason, this kit has it all! The stylish canvas case is what originally caught my eye. I love the pink/black/white dandelion design with 26 slots and a zipper pouch for all your little accessories like stitch markers and tapestry needles. It is lightweight and folds up tightly making it very portable!


The entire kit coms with the following:

  •  Cotton Canvas Case with upholster button. All accessories are tucked securely in the crochet case.
    • First row of case as 12 small slots and one big slot in the middle
    • Second row has 12 small slots and one big slot in the middle as well!
    • Zip pocket for small accessories
  • A set of Aluminum hooks that comes in 12 US sizes.
    • Hook Sizes & Case Details- B/1, C/2, D/3, E/4, F/5, G/6, 7/7, H/8 I/9, J/10, K/10 1/2, L/11
      – Hook Length: Approximately 6 inches
  • 1 Scissor
  • 10 piece set of Plastic Markers
  • 6 piece set of Plastic Needle (3pcs 6cm & 3pcs 5cm)
  • 2 piece set of  AluminumPins (1pc 7cm & 1pc 9cm)
  • 1 Knitting Needle Gauge & Ruler
  • 1 Measuring Tape
  • 1 Row Counter and Case Organizer
  • Carefully packed: all accessories tucked securely case, wrapped in plastic, with a information flyer attached



You can purchase the Deluxe Ergonomic Crochet Kit HERE

The Athena’s Elements Deluxe Ergonomic Crochet Kit is equally as fabulous! I have personally been switching over to the ergonomic hooks. It helps me avoid hand cramps and I feel like I am able to crochet faster and with greater ease because of the comfortable grips on the hook handles.


This kit includes 31 crochet tools!

  •  Durable and sturdy Custom Crochet Case with removable pocket and carefully detailed stitched with a very clean finish. Size: 7.2in. x 5.5in x 1in. Case Material: PU Leather & Polyester Mesh
  • Removable see-through pocket for small accessories
  • 1 Scissor
  • 10 piece set of Plastic Markers
  • 3 piece set of 6cm Plastic Needles
  • 3 piece set of 5cm Plastic Needles
  • 1 Aluminum Pin (9cm)
  • 1 Aluminum pin (7cm)
  • 1 Knitting Needle Gauge & Ruler
  • 1 Measuring Tape
  • 1 Row Counter
  • Crochet Hooks with Ergonomic Handles that comes in 9 sizes.
    • Hook Sizes & Case Details: 2mm/ 2.5mm/ 3mm/ 3.5mm/ 4mm/ 4.5mm/ 5.5mm/ 6mm
      – Hook Length: Approximately 5.5 inches
      – Material: TPR & Aluminum
  • Carefully packaged: All accessories tucked securely in pockets, wrapped in plastic with information flyer attached.

PLUS Athena’s Elements puts customer satisfaction as their highest priority offering a 100% money back and risk-free guarantee! I have never been so impressed with the level of customer service I received from Grace and her company. An absolute pleasure to do business with!

And now for the big GIVEAWAY!


Athena’s Elements is giving away both the Aluminum Crochet Kit AND the Ergonomic Crochet Kit to two lucky winners! Each winner will receive one of these kits! Enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to purchase these kits right now for yourself or as a gift you can do so by following the links below:

A big THANK YOU to Athena’s Elements for hosting this giveaway and providing products for review! You can read more about these products at



  1. Nadette says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your kits! They both look perfect, especially with the accessories you might not have!

  2. Deirdre Cunningham says

    Theses kits are really beautiful, practical & so useful.
    What a pity you don’t ship to Australia! !!
    Now I’ve to look elsewhere for a similar kit.

  3. Alina says

    I can only imagine loads of beautiful things I could make with those ergonomic hooks. These sets are georgeus and those colors are sooo lovely. Thanks very much for the opportunity to win them, I hope I have some luck. And btw your blog is a great inspiration. Thanks to You I learnt the crochet basics and now I can try to do something for my newborn son :)

  4. Francine St-Deis says

    Thank you ladies for this contest. I, like many, would love to win.

    Love and follow your blog.

    Have a great day and good luck to us all

  5. Justyna says

    These sets are beautiful and they would really make my life easier. It is sometimes hard to find my needles, hooks, etc. and this way they would be safely in one place.

  6. Stephanie B. says

    this would be an amazing kit to have to when I start teaching crochet. giving me extra hooks to let others use while learning.

  7. June Luck says

    Just finished my first hat. I’m a beginner as far as doing anything other than granny square. Thanks so much for great frog hat pattern. I posted on FB page.
    I tried entering the give away, but couldn’t. Hitting wigit did nothing: (. Would love the Ergo set.

  8. Torrie says

    Hmm, I wonder if I need hooks with grippy things like that. I get cramping in my left hand (my yarn holding hand) when I crochet, dint know if those will help. I have gripper things I put on my hooks but did use them long enough to know if the work. That last set looks amazing for sure. To bad I missed the giveaway Maybe next time

  9. says

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