Crochet Candy Cane Pixel Square


Want to continue your Crochet Christmas Character Afghan or replace a square that you already made? Then this post is for you! I have added a bonus square into the mix: A Candy Cane! And because there are still so many different Christmas icons and images that weren’t included in my version of the blanket, I am including links to a variety of other graph ideas below! Many of my readers have been coming up with alternate graph patterns and posting them in my Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Facebook Group. Feel free to join us!

You can find the 9 original afghan squares and directions on how I’m making these squares by following the links below:

  1. Santa 
  2. Christmas Tree
  3. Frosty the Snowman
  4. Santa’s Sleigh
  5. Elf
  6. Gingerbread Man
  7. Wreath
  8. Rudolph 
  9. Christmas Stocking


CLICK HERE to download the Candy Cane Pixel Graph


Written pattern for the color changes by fellow crocheter and RCM follower, Claudia Melgar! Thanks Claudia!

Row 1 to 10 all Little Boy Blue (LBB)
Row 11 – 1LBB 1W 9LBB
Row 12 – 4LBB 3FG 2LBB 2W 1LBB
Row 13 – 1LBB 3SR 2LBB 2FG 5LBB
Row 14 – 5LBB 2FG 2LBB 4SR 1LBB
Row 15 – 2LBB 4SR 1LBB 2FG 6LBB
Row 16 – 7LBB 1FG 1LBB 4SR 3LBB
Row 17 – 4LBB 4W 2FG 2DG 5LBB
Row 18 – 5LBB 3DG 1FG 4W 5LBB
Row 19 – 6LBB 3W 1FG 3DG 1FG 5LBB
Row 20 – 6LBB 3FG 1DG 3W 7LBB
Row 21 – 5LBB 1FG 2LBB 2SR 5FG 6LBB
Row 22 – 7LBB 3FG 1DG 5FG 6LBB
Row 23 – 6LBB 4FG 3DG 2FG 8LBB
Row 24 – 9LBB 2SR 1DG 1FG 1DG 3FG 7LBB
Row 25 – 7LBB 2FG 1LBB 1DG 2FG 3W 9LBB
///////////// START DECREASE //////////////
Row 26 – 8LBB 3W 2FG 2DG 9LBB
Row 27 – 9LBB 1DG 2FG 4W 7LBB
Row 28 – 6LBB 4SR 2FG 2DG 8LBB
Row 29 – 8LBB 1DG 2FG 1LBB 4SR 5LBB
Row 30 – 4LBB 4SR 2LBB 2FG 8LBB
Row 31 – 12LBB 3SR 1W 3LBB
Row 32 – 3LBB 3W 12LBB
Row 33 – 7LBB 2W 3LBB 3W 2LBB
Row 34 – 2LBB 3W 2LBB 1SR 2W 6LBB
Row 35 – 6LBB 1W 2SR 1LBB 2SR 2W 1LBB
Row 36 – 1LBB 4SR 1W 1SR 2W 5LBB
Row 37 – 5LBB 1W 2SR 1W 3SR 1LBB
Row 38 – 1LBB 2SR 2W 2SR 5LBB
Row 39 – 5LBB 2SR 3W 1LBB
Row 40 – 1LBB 3W 1SR 5LBB
Row 41 – 6LBB 2W 1LBB
Row 42 to 49 all Little Boy Blue (LBB)


Other options! Remember that if you want these to be included in the Christmas Character Afghan the graphs need to be 25×25 pixel squares. All original graphs and their creators can be found in my Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Facebook Group. Check the “Files” tab in the group to find PDF printables of many of these.

Gingberbread House


Snowflake by Anna M. Wesołowska

GingerbreadHouse  snowflakegraph

Gingerbread House and Ornament by Kat Gemson

GingerbreadHouse2 Ornament

Angel, Wise Men, Mary & Joseph, Manger, and Star by Laura Reddish of Oh Sew Crochet. All of her graphs include written patterns as well and are available on her Facebook page: Oh Sew Crochet.


Penguin by Kimmy Vasfaret


Penguin by Ingrid Trevino


Updated Penguin by Joanne Sullivan


Christmas Pudding by Elemelo Crafts & Crochet. The full graph and written pattern is available on her FB page!


Noel by Molly Helton


Nutcracker by Jenny Cartmill


Grinch by Maggie Diaz


Are you thinking a Halloween C2C blanket would be fun? SPRE: Patterns & Design has got you covered! She is doing a Halloween version of my Christmas Afghan! Find the first 4 Halloween graph patterns HERE.




  1. Shannon Fuentes says

    How are you able to make the squares work so that there is no color overlap when you change colors? I keep having an issue where you can see the change and it looks like things are not lining up correctly. Do you change color while making the slip stitch into the chain 2 (or chain 3) space or when you are completing the previous stitch.

    Thank you!!

    • Christie says

      To change colors in single or half double crochet you finish your last stitch up till you have two loops on the hook and then you pull the next color through and voila your next color begins. Hope this helps.
      – Mrs. Cq

    • Paula says

      With the c2c I think it is better to change color when you do the slip stitch in the chain 2or3. Color change is not so noticeable. I hope this helps

    • paula reed says

      I just found your wonderful site – so excited to get started on these wonderful ideas – thank you so much for this c2c Christmas afghan pattern! Absolutely beautiful and all the other wonderful ideas you have shared with us.

  2. Michelle says

    I have not started yet and may have to hold off until the beginning of the year. Thank you so much Sarah for so much inspiration, you are my first go-to for patterns.

  3. says

    Like I don’t have enough to crochet!!! But, I just LOVE all the options. I really like the nativity squares. Your afghan is so great – I loved following along and watching it being created. You are my “crochet hero”!!!!

  4. Fiona says

    Finding it difficult to find thc2c written patterns for the angel nutcracker xmas pudding xmas bauble etc wondering how i can find them

  5. Lisa says

    I just found all these awesome blocks! I’ve been following the Christmas blocks, and they are all so pretty. I have a special folder where I have saved them, I’ve not been able to keep up, so I want to keep them for later.
    Thank You So Much,
    Lisa Williams

  6. Ruth says

    These are so lovely!!! I hope you’ll be showing your finished afghan, I would love to see what you do to finish it off!!

  7. Pam says

    I was wondering if you block your work? I finished the first square and it came out great except that it didn’t look exactly square so I blocked it and it looks much better.

    You do such amazing work. I love to look at all your patterns and finished products. I wish you were my next door neighbor!! Thank you!!

  8. says

    Hoping to get started on the beautiful gingerbread house but I’m still waiting to be accepted by the group so I can view the file. Hope they let me in soon so I can get started!

  9. Sara says

    Is there anyway the Facebook page could be made public so those of us not on Facebook can see the patterns and comments?

    Love this project! Thanks for the patterns!!

  10. Karen says

    Are you to post a written verse of the candy cane square? I can’t print out the gragh and it is too hard to see it on my tablet. Please post a wriiten pattern for the candy cane square so I can make one for my Christmas afghan or make a pillow to go with it. Thanks

  11. Patricia says

    I am having trouble getting the Stocking.I keep getting and error message.Please help out saving this for a future cold month.

  12. Ollyvia Postacchini says

    First of all, thanks soooo much for sharing the pattern. I hope I can get it done for this Christmas 😛 I’m printing them out now, however, I keep on getting error message when I clicked on the link for the christmas stocking. Hope it’s just the problem from my side?

  13. Pat Collins says

    I have everything printed and would like to start this. I’m curious about the color changes–do you carry the colors along, cut and join each time and weave in the ends, or use a bobbin system? Thanks for any help, I’m really excited to start this, you did a beautiful job and I appreciate that you are so generous with your talent.

  14. Kay Brown says

    Just wanted to let you know how popular the candy cane design is. I think that at least 50 people have repinned from my pin in the last month. I am not the only one who Loves it!

  15. says

    thank you
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  16. Judy D Rogers says

    Hello! I love your work Ana have admired it for some time now. My question is, do you have any videos that I can watch to help me learn this type of technique? It seems like I had come across some videos previously of yours, teaching this but I can’t seem to find them now. Thanks for all your help.

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