Crock Pot Thai Chicken Curry


It’s been a long time since I posted a crock pot recipe. Mostly due to the fact that I have spending more time with my yarn and less time in the kitchen :) But this Crock Pot Thai Chicken Curry recipe has been passed around my daughters preschool class by my friend Leslie (you may remember her from THIS POST) and it is too good not share! It may not be the prettiest, but it is definitely the tastiest and most delicious dish I have made in long time! My husband loved it and everyone who has tried it has not been disappointed!


The key ingredient is Trader Joe’s bottled Thai Yellow Curry Sauce. YUMMMM! Stock up next time you are shopping or buy it from Amazon:


–  Approximately 1.5 lbs of chicken breast tenders (fresh is best but frozen could work)
– 2 bottles of Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry Sauce
– 3 carrots cut into circle slices
– 2-3 medium sized russet potatoes cut into cubes
– 1 diced onion
Optional: Raisins and peanuts to mix in towards end of cooking process.
Garnish with sliced lime

1. Place chicken breast tenders at bottom of crock pot.
2. Cover with the full two bottles of curry sauce.
3. Places sliced carrots, diced onion, and cubed potatoes on top.
4. Cook on low for 8 hours (recommended) or high for 3-4.
5. About an hour before cooking is complete, take chicken out and shred it. Place back into crock pot and cook for remaining hour. Add raisins and peanuts at this time if desired.

ThaiCurry2 ThaiCurry3 ThaiCurry4



Sever over a mound of rice.

Super easy and delicious! You can’t mess this one up! Enjoy!

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  1. Dana Armstrong says

    Thank you for this recipe. My question is, is this Thai Curry Chicken spicy? I hesitate spending $15 for the sauce, if it’s too hot for my family to eat.

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