Caron Critters Crochet Cat Scarf




The holidays are right around the corner and if you are already feeling like you are short on time and quickly looking handmade gift ideas, let Caron Critters come to your rescue! Haven’t heard of Caron Critters before? Let me tell you all about them! The Caron Critters Kit is great fun for everyone! It cannot get more simple than this. You stitch the hat or scarf, attach the pre-made animal, and there you have it!


You have the option of making a Cat Scarf, a Dog Scarf, a Monkey Hat, or all three! See all Caron Critters purchasing options HERE. Pattern instructions for both knit and crochet versions are on the label inside of the package. And the pattern is VERY simple. Truly! Very basic repeating stitches and you will have a finished project in just a few hours or less!


Seriously, how adorable is this cat scarf? The Caron Critters kit allows you the the ability to make something handmade but with a little extra help since you don’t have to crochet or knit the head, arms, and tail. It’s already done for you! Gift giving made easy! I took some pictures of the process. I was able to complete this project in one evening and my little Zoe is so thrilled the scarf! My son is begging me to make him the dog so that is next on my list :)





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I finished the super cute Caron Critters Dog Scarf in addition to the kitty! These are really so quick to make and beyond adorable! The scarf uses the moss stitch which is the stitch used in the simple pattern on the label. There is a knit and crochet version of the pattern on the label that comes in the kit!
You can purchase the Caron Critters Dog Kit HERE.




  1. says

    What a fantastically beautiful scarf. The beautiful girl in the picture looks like she is truly happy with it! As a mother of two girls, this is a pattern to remember!

    Greetings, Marijke

  2. JILLfromWI says

    Sarah, I have both the rainbow Cat and the pink Cat (same as yours above). I’m using the knitting pattern for the rainbow yarn and am going to crochet the pink kit. May I ask the length you crocheted the scarf? I’m making the pink for a soon to be 4 year old (rainbow for a 6 years old) and wasn’t sure how long to make it especially when adding the head, legs and feet. I don’t want it to be too long that she catches or trips on it Is your pink one wrapped around her neck more than once? Could you give me the length you crocheted just the scarf portion? Your model and my granddaughters look similar in age and size. Thanks in advance.

    PS: I LOVE your site and your patterns. Thank you for being so generous to share your talentsand patterns.

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