Crochet C2C Gingerbread House Advent Calendar


Christmas crocheting is now in full swing! And this Crochet C2C Gingerbread House Advent Calendar is hot off my hook! First I created an extra tall and long gingerbread house using the corner-to-corner crochet technique. Then I crocheted little C2C pockets that I stitched on the gingerbread house. It’s countdown to Christmas from the 1st of December all the way down to Christmas Eve! Stuff them with  little treats, candy canes, small toys, or a little note. Make sure you crochet a Gingerbread Man to move pockets so you know what day you are on!

– Bernat Super Value Yarn in Topaz (brown) – you will need 2 skeins, Berry (red), Fern, Bright yellow, Mulberry (purple), and White. See all the colors at!
– Size H crochet Hook
– Tapestry needle
– 20 inch wooden dowel rod (about 5/16 inch thick)
– Felt number stickers

Finished size: 21 inches wide x 45 inches tall

First you will want to download the Gingerbread Pixel Graph. You can do that HERE. Originally I designed it so that there was a peppermint window but you will actually need this space for a pocket. Also note that when you are done, the gingerbread C2C is reversible so whatever side you feel looks better, use that side for your pockets. If you aren’t familiar with the C2C technique, I have a video class available HERE for purchase that teaches you this technique! The Crochet Crowd also has a very helpful video tutorial for FREE that shows you the basic technique of corner-to-corner crochet. Check that out HERE.


Then you will make 23 (or 24) C2C pockets in brown. These will be 3 x 3 squares. You don’t really need a graph for this but I am including one below :) Then you will make the last pocket in 4 x 4 size in green to go over the door.

3by3c2c 4by4c2c

Once you have crocheted the 3 x 3 squares, you will want to SC around three of the edges in white.


Remember that you will want to ignore my peppermint window (it will also save you a lot of ends to weave in!) I’m not going to lie, the “gumdrop” roof does require a lot of color changes and you will have some ends to weave in. Fortunately, the bulk of the project is brown so no ends to weave in there!


Line up your pockets and stitch them on!


Stick your felt number stickers on to the pockets. I used the Creatology brand from Michaels and had to buy 4 packets. You might be able to find other felt number stickers or you can cut your own out of felt.. or use puffy paint or crochet on your numbers! Lots of options and I can’t wait to see what you come up with  :)


Now to add a candy cane crochet border! First I single crocheted around the entire piece with one round of red and then a second round SC in green. Make a SC + chain 2 + SC in the corners. After that you will want to attach your white yarn (in any spot), make a SC and chain 4, then leave it and insert your hook into the next stitch and with red, make a SC and chain 4. Now insert your hook back in the white chain 4 and join to the next stitch (overlapping the red) with a SC and chain 4. Repeat while alternating colors.

You can see a video of how to do this HERE on my Facebook page or HERE on my Instagram page.


Do the same for the corners, just make 4 chain stitches in the corners.


I used a wooden dowel rod sewn onto the back top of the project to support it. I crocheted  a chain of 40 (with 2 more SC rows) to create a strip to attach to the rod so you can hang it. And then 3 separate strips with a starting chain of 20 and an additional 3 rows of SC stitches. These you will sew over the dowel rod and onto the top back right under the border.



You can find the Gingerbread Man pattern HERE!


Hang on the wall using a command hook and you’re ready for your countdown to Christmas!!



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  1. Sarah says

    Hi the graph is showing as 25 squares across some would this be the same width as your Christmas squares? I’m just checking before I start as I fail miserably with c2c but I love doing bobble stitch this is what I’ve used for your Christmas squares! This is amazing and I can’t wait to start it my kids will love it, thank you!

  2. Roxanne says

    So excited for this one. Did your Christmas c2c blanket last year! Just want to check is it half double crochet or double crochet?

    Thank you

  3. Rowena Corlett says

    Love this – especially the candy twist border which I may well use elsewhere. No time to make this in time for Christmas 2016 but definitely for next year. Thank you very much!

  4. CathleenK says

    What a GORGEOUS celebration of this time of year!! I haven’t tried C2C crochet…….how can I start this project? Does it have to be made via C2C method?

  5. says

    I really like yr ginger bread house and my plan was to make 2 for my daughters for christmas 2017 however i cant seem to find the pattern direction only a picture graphs why is that am i suppose to look at the picture read that ? Any help will do

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