Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Giveaway!


Our friends at Furls are ready for the holidays with lots of beautiful new products to compliment their already popular original hooks! With state-of-the -art construction, these sleek and smooth Odyssey hooks have taken comfort and crochet to the next level.


The Furls Odyssey purposefully puts more weight in the front of the hook to drive hand energy into crocheting momentum. They made sure the tip of the hook was the smoothest possible surface to allow for stitches to effortlessly glide back and forth, even in cotton. The body of this hook is sculpted so that it sits perfectly in the MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joint of your hand and eliminates repetitive motion stress.

I am a huge fan of these hooks and not only is Furls allowing me to GIVEAWAY a Furls Odyssey Hook of your choice, but also this gorgeous matching Yarn Bowl! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Open worldwide!

BUT WAIT! Now is the best time ever to treat yourself to a Furls hook or accessory! Take advantage of Furls BLACK FRIDAY SALES!! These sales will run Friday 11/25/16 12am CST (midnight) through Saturday 11/26/16 12pm CST (noon).

In addition to free US shipping on all orders and free INT shipping on any order over $250 (Black Friday only).  Add everything to your cart including the free products, then enter the coupon code, and the free products get deducted at checkout. Below is a quick peek at what they are offering but be sure to see the Customer Deal Page for full explanation of the Black Friday Deals! 


Buy 4 Odyssey Hooks, Get 1 Wooden Yarn Bowl Odyssey-Bundle-1

Buy 7 Odyssey Hooks, Get 2 Odyssey Hooks + 1 Pendant Free Odyssey-Bundle-2

Buy All Odyssey Hooks, Get Bowl or Stand for Free Odyssey-Bundle-3


Buy 3 Candy Hooks, Get 1 Wooden Yarn Bowl and 1 Pendant Free Candy-Bundle-1

Buy 6 Candy Hooks, Get 2 Hooks Free OR a Candy yarn Bowl OR a Candy Stand Candy-Bundle-2

Buy 12 Candy Hooks, Get Bowl and Stand Free OR 2 Alpha Series Hooks Candy-Bundle-3

Alpha Series

Buy 2 Alpha Series Hooks, 2 Wooden Yarn Bowl and 1 Pendants Alpha-Bundle-1

Buy 4 Alpha Series Hooks, 2 Wooden Yarn Bowl and 1 Alpha Series Hook Alpha-Bundle-2

Buy 7 Alpha Series Hooks, 2 Wooden Yarn Bowls and 2 Alpha Series Hooks Alpha-Bundle-3

Mixed Bags

Buy One Alpha and a Bowl, Get One Odyssey Free StarterCrochetKit

Buy Two Wooden Bowls, 2 Candy and 2 Odyssey, get 1 Alpha Free CrochetAddictKit

Buy 2 Alpha, 3 Wooden Bowl, and 2 Candy, get 3 Odyssey and a Pendant ProCrochetKit

Buy 3 Alpha, 1 LE, 3 Wooden Bowl, 3 Candy, 2 Odyssey, Get Pendant, 1 Odyssey, and Chetnanigans Stand CrochetSenseiKit

Limited Editions

Buy 1 Limited Edition, get any previous Limited edition at 50% Collectors-Bundle-1

Buy All 4 Limited Editions, Chetnanigans stand Collectors-Bundle-2


One more thing to tell you guys about! Furls is releasing 4 new limited edition hooks on Black Friday in extremely small quantities. There will be Snakewood (50), Birdseye Maple (130), Zebrawood (130), and Ziricote (150). Check back to the Black Friday Deals Page for more info on those!


Keep in mind that Furls guarantees that their hooks will make crocheting easier, your stitches more effortless, and your hands more comfortable. And if for any reason it’s not your thing, we’ll take care of the return and refund 100% of your purchase.

A big thank you to Furls Crochet for sponsoring this post and supporting our crochet community!

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  1. Lindsey says

    I’ve never used a Furls hook but always wanted to try one.. thanks for the opportunity to win one!! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Dawn Daus says

    I LOVE all of their hooks!! The candy hooks are my favorite honestly with all the bright colors However the black is nice too, what a wonderful giveaway Happy Holidays everyone

  3. Mandy Wilken says

    Ooh what an absolutely fabulous prize! I have always wanted to try a Furls hook but they are very sadly out of my price range. What amazing Christmas gift this would be!

  4. Lori Young says

    I love the whole Odyssey set… it looks so sleek! I think all of the different wooden ones are simply gorgeous. I hope Santa can sneak one under the tree for me :)

  5. Alexa says

    Purchased a yarn bowl for a gift for my boss and it was beautiful! I’ve looked at all of the hooks and someday would love to be able to splurge on such a luxury for myself; they ALL look wonderful!

  6. says

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Furls has outadtanding customer service, I had a Candyshop hook break months after I bought it and they sent an immediate refund, including shipping costs! I’ve been dying to try the Odyssey hooks….

  7. Samantha says

    Oh wow those hooks look awesome would be so lovely to win… love your work and blog always such an interesting and informative read

  8. Cynthia says

    Such beauty paired with comfort!
    I wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season =)
    My absolute favorite of the furls is the Holly Heirloom Crochet hooks that were released for Mother’s Day <3

  9. Julia says

    The hooks look amazing and I would love to order odyssey bundle 2, but unfortunately, I cannot afford it despite it being an awesome offer.

  10. Barbara Cortez says

    I really wish my ex would keep up with his child support so I could do the Candy 1 Bundle! I’ve been wanting a Furls hook for SO long!

  11. Ida Z says

    I love love love Furls Alpha Series hooks!! It would be amazing to try their odyssey series and yarn bowl. Christmas wish is to be he winner !!

  12. Kate says

    My favorite is the alpha bundle 2. I haven’t ever used wooden hooks, but I’d love to see how they feel in my hand! Furls hooks are a splurge for me, so I haven’t tried their wood ones out yet :-)

  13. Suzanne morris says

    I’m leaving the page open for hubby to see hopefully he gets the hint, I’ve been dying to try these hooks they look amazing. Cmon “Santa”.

  14. Brenna B says

    Over the summer I read about Furls Odyssey hooks both here and on Moogly while researching for a new type of hook to use. I bought two and LOVE them, so I am happy to see there’s a Black Friday deal happening because I plan to get a few more.

  15. opal pickard says

    I love all the deals. And would be blessed to own any of them. And thanks to repeat crafter me for sharing this site with me

  16. Katerina Zourkova says

    Being a crochet addict I love the CrochetAddictKit! Wish I could try these beautiful crochet hooks one day <3

  17. Thao says

    The Furls Odyssey hooks look so beautiful and the yarn bowl looks great as well and also functional…I would love to get my hands on either the hooks or the bowl or both….on my wish list…

  18. says

    What a great event by furls crochet, I’ve been eyeing of their crochet hooks for a while now.
    For me the buy all Odyssey hooks get stand and bowl would be the most interesting ❤ maybe my family will be so kind to fill my stocking for Christmas

  19. Jessica Jones says

    I love all your crochet projects. I couldnt decide which black friday deal i would like because any of them would be wonderful.

  20. Laurin says

    OMG so exciting! Have definitely entered, and looking at their great sale! Thanks for offering the worldwide giveaway- it’s so nice when I can enter from australia- it doesn’t happen very often

  21. Diana Kretschmann says

    To try these absolutely gourgeous hooks is my biggest wish since I saw them in your blog for the first time.
    Unfortunatelly they are not sold in europe and even if they were, I could not afford them
    The whole odyssee set is stunning, the wooden hooks as well.

  22. Diana Kretschmann says

    All the hooks and yarn bowls are gourgeous!
    My biggest wish since I saw them in your blog for the first time is to try them someday.
    Unfortunatelly they are not sold in europe and even if they were, I could not afford them.

  23. Christine says

    oh one can only dream that Santa will be kind and leave me the crochetsenseikit or the collectors bundle #2 after having my camera, computer, kitchen facuet sprayer and the pot filler (over the stove) quit/break all in the past month. And to top that all off…my car is a gonna as of this past Monday :(
    thanks for the chance to win a fantastic prize :)
    Happy Thanksgiving

  24. Sherri Dietrich says

    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! So many wonderful sales going on now. Definitely love the pink bowl!! But the entire black set is very sleek!!

  25. Diana G says

    What a wonderful give away. Since I don’t have the other sites, I follow you via email and LOVE the winter limited edition …
    Thanks for the chance to win !!

  26. Joan LoBrutto says

    I love the Alpha- Bundle-3. Would love to have the wood crochet hooks and bowls.They are beautiful and look like they would feel wonderful to crochet with. At this time I can’t afford them so hopefully I can win one of them. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  27. Heike Woolard says

    I absolutely love these crochet hooks, unfortunately I won’t be able to buy them this Christmas, as I just spent my budget on travel to see my family in Germany.

  28. says

    Thank u for this wonderful giveaway!:) I really like these hooks as they seem comfortable and look beautiful. Once again, thank u for giving us the opportunity to win one.^_^ Hope u have a nice holiday!(*≧ω≦)

  29. Sharon Bolderson says

    I love the look of the coloured candy hooks and the zebrawood hook is gorgeous, but I almost think I would find an Odyssey hook more comfortable. Hard to tell though because I’ve never used a luxury crochet hook.

  30. Bekki Thompson says

    These are such beautiful hooks, and I’ve heard great things about their effect on others’ crochet strain. I’d be excited to win!

  31. Jennifer says

    This would make a wonderful gift for my daughter who loves to Crochet! Good luck to everyone who is participating in the giveaway. I do hope I win though lol

  32. Pam says

    I would love to win ANY of the products form Furls but I especially have been pining over a wooden yarn bowl for years!

  33. June Hickman says

    And I want to say I like all the deals? My favorite I guess would be the collectors bundle 2! I love them all they’re beautifu!!

    I don’t think I’d ever start crocheting! They look like they would handle it like butter. Thank you for a chance to win one, I have always wanted one.

  34. Jen Hayes says

    I’m a sucker for handcrafted wooden items, but they all are beautiful. I’ve crocheted for years and have yet to update my hooks……….probably about time!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway and for all the inspiration you share!

  35. Dawn Tenneson says

    I have admired these hooks ever since I saw them. They would especially help me because of arthritist in my fingers. The black is so beautiful and rich looking. Whoever wins I know they will feel special using them. Thank you!

  36. Kathleen Robins says

    I’ve been dying to try one of these hooks, and yarn bowls are just good things. Thanks for the contest, and happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Doris Pick says

    I have never seen these products before! Besides being so attractive, they look like they would be a tremendous help to me with my aching hands. Thanks for a chance to win!

  38. Rochelle says

    I LOVE the look of those Odyssey hooks! They look perfect for the way I work! I’ll be keeping these on my list.Thank you!

  39. Kathleen Lee says

    I can dream right? The buy 12 odyssey bundle looks fantastic! (Santa are you listening? I’ve been really good!)

  40. Trey says

    I think my favorite Furls Black Friday deal is the buy one limited edition get one half off. I would definitely appreciate that as a Christmas gift!

  41. says

    What a super give away! That would be a great chance to get to know Furls Hooks. I’m always a bit intimidated by the price of them, but I’m prety sure they’re worth it.
    Thank you for organizing this! Happy holiday!

  42. LilooJedi says

    Ooh, thank you so much for the give away. The wooden bowl has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, actually since you featured it I guess (yes, that was a long time ago).

  43. Susan says

    What a wonderful treat for Black Friday! Love the deals with the yarn bowls I’ve always wanted one of those. Or two…

  44. Erin says

    I love the entire candy set! The colors are to die for! I would love to have the entire set and also the yarn bowl and hook stand one day!

  45. Victoria says

    What a wonderful give away. I have wanted a Furl’s hook for so long now,but I cannot afford one. I would love to win one. Thank you. I would get a size H. That is the hook size I use the most.

  46. Beth says

    What a great giveaway! These crochet hooks are really quite beautiful–if they are easier on the hand as well, I call that a win-win.

  47. Emily says

    I’ve been wanting a Furls hook forever, it’s just never been able to squeeze into my budget. The yarn bowls are gorgeous too!
    Lovely giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! <3

  48. JY says

    What a beautiful collection of hooks & yarn bowls. Of all the Furls Black Friday Deals, I love the “Odyssey-Bundle-3” set the best. :)

  49. Kim says

    I got my first Furls hook last year for Christmas. Hoping for a second one this year. I love it! Winning one would be even better!

  50. Suzanne morris says

    I would love to win a Furls odyssey or zebra wood limited edition in size 5 mm, I have been busting to try them but living in Australia makes them a luxury with the exchange rate and postage. Good luck everyone

  51. Rhea Coles says

    If I could afford it, I would absolutely love to try the Odyssey 3 bundle. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my fingers have begun moving (going angular is what my Rheumatologist calls it). It’s getting harder to hold things. Wish these weren’t so much.

  52. bella lugosi says

    I have always wanted to try a furls hook, as I have heard wonderful things, but as of now cannot afford the splurge. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win one. I like the crochet starter deal since it gives you a chance to try the candy shoppe and Odyssey hooks.

  53. Carol Smith says

    Wow what an awesome sale! Very generous in offering so many different bundles, perfect for gift giving. I really love the natural wood limited edition handles. I also really like the Chetnanigans hook organizer.

  54. Amanda M says

    My dream would be the mixed grab bag with the premium hooks to own all their wood hooks is a dream of mine to have a way to continue to crochet even though my hands want to give up and dislocate but their hooks would help prevent dislocations.

  55. rust says

    I like this deal: Buy 3 Alpha Series Hooks, 3 Wooden Yarn Bowls, 1 Limited Edition Hook, 3 Candy Shop Hooks, and 2 Odyssey Hooks and Get 1 Free Odyssey Hooks, any jewelry of your choice, AND a Chetnanigans hook organizer

  56. maimuna says

    oh! Those Furls Odyssey Hooks and Yarn Bowl…they are truly beautiful.. They are on my wish list… I’ve been looking for comfortable hooks … N these are just the one’s… Can’t wait to get them all…:-D

  57. Robin Henderson says

    I love the yarn bowls and the odyssey crochet hooks… or I think I would, if I could afford to by some. :-) Someday!

  58. Maria Robinson says

    I missed your black Friday sale so I can’t tell you which deal I liked the best but for cyber Monday it would be 12% off Odyssey Hooks Code:odyssey-solo…I love the look of your Odyssey hooks

  59. Rachel Beittenmiller says

    I love the look of the Furls hooks. If I were to buy one, I think I’d opt for an Oddysey. But what I really want is a yarn bowl.

  60. STELLA BABLO says

    I love the Buy 7 Alpha Series Hooks and Get 2 Free Alpha Series Hooks AND 2 Free Wooden Yarn Bowls. This is a great bargain.

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