Candy Shamrock Cupcake Topper

I had leftover cake batter from my Crock Pot Mini Cake and thought it would be the perfect amount to make some mini cupcakes. I threw in some green food coloring, filled my mini muffin tins, and popped them in the oven. I also had a package of leftover Candiquick from my Crock Pot Candy and decided to use it to make Shamrock cupcake toppers! If you think you need some special cookie cutter for this, you are wrong my friend. This is a very simple tutorial that anyone can do and you could apply it to ANY shape you want!

– Shamrock image printed out on computer paper
– Wax paper
– Decorating bag with circle nozzle or plastic squeeze bottle
– Candiquick
– Food coloring (optional)


1. Place wax paper over the printed shamrock image (its best if you print out multiple images on one page)
2. Melt Candiquick according to directions on package. It comes with its own microwavable tray and melts within a minute so don’t let this step scare you away.
3. Add in food coloring to melted Candiquick and stir until you have your desired color.
4. Spoon melted Candiquick into decorating bag or squeeze bottle.
5. Squeeze melted Candiquick onto the wax paper as you trace and fill in the image.
6. Let cool completely before peeling off of wax paper.

Simple as that! Ok, I’m not going to take all the credit for this idea. I found this super neat Green Eggs Candy tutorial over at Random Thoughts of a Supermom which uses the same technique.

Have fun making your own Candy Cupcake Toppers. And have a happy St. Patrick’s Day :o)

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