Monkey Counting

A couple weeks ago Reading Confetti posted a really neat idea on her blog. She and her son had been reading a book about counting called Lyle, Lyle Crocodile: Lyle Walks the Dogs which inspired a homemade counting game complete with crocodile decorated clothespins and matching of numbers. It looked so cute and yet educational that I have been dying to make my own version of the game since I laid eyes on it!

We don’t own the Lyle the Crocodile book, but we do have Eight Silly Monkeys!

My idea for a corresponding counting game isn’t as genius as Reading Confetti’s, but I think it worked well. Here it goes…

I made 8 clothespins into 8 silly monkeys. Then I designed 8 printable cards, each with a bed and pillows on each bed ranging from 1-8.

The idea is that each monkey needs to have a pillow to jump on the bed.  I mixed up the cards and as we read each page of the book starting with  “8 silly monkey’s jumping on the bed…”, I asked my son to find the card with 8 pillows. I quickly realized that since I numbered the beds, this was going to be too easy for him. So I decided to cover them up with a little flap.

He can now count the pillows (marking each one off with a monkey clothespin as he goes) and then check to see if he is correct by lifting the flap. This worked great! Especially since he frequently tends to re-count items he has already counted (i.e. the bed with 4 pillows he counts 1, 2, 3, 4, and then goes back to pillow one and counts it as 5).

If anyone is interested in the 8 printable bed cards HERE is the downloadable link!



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      Thanks Lorie, but this seriously doesn't even compare to your awesome crocodile counting game! At one point I thought about throwing away the whole project because it just wasn't living up to what I wanted it to be LOL! But thanks for the inspiration. I love your blog! -Sarah

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    Those are adorable! We made peg animals AGES ago for our art washing line… but I love the way you use them in this game. And the monkeys are sooo cute!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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    Brilliant idea – we have 10 lady birds book with them all on leaves – this would be such a cool way to count with them as J has a similar problem recounting the first one again each time.

    Thank you for sharing on Tuesday Tots

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    Love this idea but when I try to download, it comes up with a subscription price for scrbd. I hate to bother you but can I get the file worldsapart2 at Thank you.

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      Hi Niki, sorry for the troubles. I just tried to e-mail you but I got this message:

      "Technical details of permanent failure:
      Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain."

      E-mail me at and I will reply with the attachment! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the great game idea. I am making summer book boxes to trade out with my son's friends. This will go perfectly with our monkey books. I had the same problem downloading. I was able to copy the screen though.

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    Hi! I LOVE THESE MONKEYS! I already downloaded the beds, but is it possible to send me the monkeys as well in a pdf format? I would really appreciate it and I'm sure my students will as well. My e-mail is

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    To those who are interested in the monkey's: I unfortunately don't have a PDF of them. I googled "monkey clip art" and printed out a face that I liked. The clothespins are hand painted with acrylic and the monkey tail was also printed out from a google search, cut out and glued on. So sorry I couldn't provide more. I hope you are all still able to enjoy this game with your kids or in the classroom!

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