No-Sew Birthday Number Shirts

If you don’t own a sewing machine (like me) but still want to make your child a birthday number shirt, you can! It is simple and only requires a little ironing. Follow these easy instructions and you will have a custom birthday shirt in no time.

Shirt for your child
Steam-A-Seam Sticky Back Fusible Web
Fabric for your number
Printed number from a word processing program
Sharp Scissors

I started by washing the shirts. I am throwing my boys a monster-themed party and just happened to find these monster shirts at Target for $5 each! So in this instance I am going to be placing the numbers on the back of the shirts.

Measure the space you will be putting your number and with your word processing program, print out bold numbers to fit in that space. The shirts I used are sizes 18 months and 4T and I used a 5×7 size letter for both of them. Arial Black is a good font to use (that is the font I used for the 3).

I had a hard time choosing my fabric so I ended up buying a couple different fabric quarters and scraps. But since this is a monster themed party I had to go with the monster fabric.

Cut out your number and take out a piece of Steam-A-Seam webbing.

You will notice that one side of the Steam-A-Seam has the webbing and the other side is piece of waxy paper. You want to trace your number IN REVERSE on the WEBBING side of the paper. Without cutting along the lines of the number, cut it out of the webbing (see picture below).

Remove the webbing from the wax paper and stick it to the BACKSIDE of your fabric. Don’t worry if you need to readjust it. You are able to easily reposition it until it is ironed on.

Now cut out your number.

With the webbing side down, position it on your shirt. Iron for 10-20 seconds with steam on cotton heat.

Now your Birthday Number shirt is ready to be worn!

You can machine wash and dry without fabric softener or dry clean it.



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    So cute and love the monsters! This is great for me – my sister has to make my kids' birthday shirts because she actually knows how to sew! Maybe I'll try it for the next birthday. Or maybe I'll admire yours and have her keep making them. I wouldn't want her to feel bad. :)

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      My sister-in-law sews and embroiders and I almost asked her to make my boys their birthday shirts! But decided to just do it myself. One of these days I will buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it. If you learn before me, send some sewing tutorials my way :o)

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    Thanks for linking up! I'm so excited to have my first linky party. I'm following you now so I can see al the new cool stuff you're doing. :)

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    So very cute, and no-sew, what could be better than that. Love the monsters! Thanks for showing us how. Thanks so much for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best. PS – following you on Facebook – hope you follow back.

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      Thanks Jenny! Happy to be your newest follower as well. Loving the chalkboard projects on your blog. I have been thinking about painting a whole wall in our house with chalkboard paint but can't seem to commit to it quite yet :o)

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      Ok, so I have now washed the shirts 3 times, and they just started to slightly fray on the edges. Nothing too noticeable. I probably should have taken more care in washing them instead of just throwing them in with the regular load of laundry. Thanks for your question and comment! I am happily following you back. I love the name of your blog :o)

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    You've been featured on Wednesday Whatsits as a Top 3 Viewed Posts! Come by this week's party to grab your button. Thanks for linking up! I hope to see you again. :)

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