How to Finger Weave a Necklace with T-shirt Yarn

Here is a project that is great for kids, tweens, teens and adults! Finger weaving (also referred to as finger knitting) is a simple way of forming a complex looking braid. I am going to show you how to finger weave a necklace, but you could make a bracelet or a variety of other projects LIKE THESE.

– One ball of T-shirt Yarn. Tutorial HERE.
– Your fingers :)
– Two wooden beads (optional)

1. Leave a long tail when you start (this will be one end of your necklace strap). Place the tail of yarn between your thumb and pointer finger. Now wrap it behind your pointer finger, over your middle finger, behind your ring finger and over your pinky finger.

2. Now wrap the yarn going back through the fingers but this time behind the pinky, over the ring finger, behind the middle finger and over your pointer finger.

3. Weave yarn through fingers again. Behind pointer, over middle, behind ring finger, and over pinky.

4. Weave back through fingers one more time. Behind pinky, over ring finger, behind the middle finger and over your pointer finger.

5. Now take the loop that is at the bottom of your pointer finger and pull it up and over your finger.

6. Continue to pull the bottom loops up and over each finger. The tighter you keep the loops, the tighter your braid will be.

7. After you have pulled the bottom loops over each finger you are left with one loop on each finger like in picture 7.

8. Now weave the yarn over your middle finger, behind ring finger, over pinky finger, and back again (behind pinky, over ring finger, behind middle finger and over pointer finger).

Now you are ready to repeat steps 5-7 and pull bottom loops over your finger, weave yarn around fingers again and keep repeating until necklace (or bracelet!) is at desired length.

Your braid should start to look like this after awhile.

Now here is how to fasten it off when you are finished.

1. Take loop from pointer finger and move it to the top of middle finger.
2. Take bottom loop from middle finger and pull it over.
3. Take remaining loop from middle finger and move it to the top of ring finger.
4. Take bottom loop from ring finger and pull it over.
5. Take remaining loop from ring finger and move it to the top of pinky finger.
6. Take bottom loop from pinky finger and pull it over.
7. You now have one loop left on your pinky finger
8. Slip it off your finger and draw end of yarn through the loop.

You should now have your intricate finger weave braid with one strand of yarn hanging off both ends.

At this point you are basically done! You can add a bead to either end and knot the yarn to keep the bead in place. I decided to get fancy and cut two long strands of yarn that I pulled halfway through each end creating three yarn strands on either side. You can braid these strands or leave them loose for more texture and bulk to your necklace.


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    I LOVE this! I have so many beautifully colored old T's just waiting to be made into lovely necklaces! Thank you so much for sharing the awesome tutorial.

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    Do you have more ideas how to use T-shirt yarn? Bet that would be a hit blog — that lot of people would share that info with friends. Summer craft projects for kids needed… Thanks.

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