Pastel Paisley Painted Rocks

Pretty Pastel Paisley Painted Rocks…Wow that’s a mouthful! Now that the weather is better my boys have been spending a lot of time in the back yard and recently they decided to make a collection of rocks… on my kitchen table. But my oldest did find some really nice flat stones and I was dying to do something with them. A paisley motif was the perfect way to spruce up these stones. They could become magnets, or paper weights, or just a fun centerpiece.

My original thought was to find a paisley stencil, but after a trip to the craft store, I didn’t come up with anything that would work for this project. I then found a wonderful tutorial from Art is Fun on How to Draw Paisley <—-check it out! She made it look simple and less daunting than I had originally thought it would be.

I used a set of  Sharpie Extra-Fine Pastel Paint Pens and got to work! You definitely want to use a fine or extra-fine tip for this project. You will also want to wash and dry your rocks before you begin. Smooth, flat stones work the best.

The best part about these pens is that the paint drys very quickly and you can easily draw over any mistakes. If I accidentally fudged up a blue line, I could easily go over it yellow.
You could also use a coat of gloss Mod Podge to shine these right up and seal the paint.

Have fun painting paisley! 



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    Pretty rocks! When I was much younger, I painted rocks using paints, but those Sharpie pens look really cool! I never saw them before and must put them on my list! Thanks for sharing!

    Las Vegas

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