Cardboard Box Airplane

Let their imaginations take flight with this super simple cardboard box airplane! I honestly was able to put this together in less than 30 minutes and the kids have been playing with it for over 2 hours!

• Carboard Box (for reference, our box was 12″ wide x 16″ long x 10″ high)
• Sharpie Pen
• Clear Packing Tape or Duct Tape
• Scissors

First cut off the 4 flaps on the top of the box
Next you will want to cut a slight dip out from the two longer sides of the box. 
After you cut the dip from one side you can use it as a template to trace and cut the exact same dip from the other side.

Those dips you cut out will be your propellers! Trim them to look like the pictures below.

Now you will want to trim your box flaps. The two longer flaps will become the side wings. You will just want to round the edges on one side of each (see the two pictured on the right). The shorter/smaller flaps will be your tail wing. One you will leave alone (no trimming!) the other you will want to make into a rounded hump (see the flap on the far left of the picture).
Cut a slit on either side of the box (about 2 inches under the dip) the same length as your wing flaps. slide wings through as in picture below.
Cut a slit halfway through the smaller flap that you did not trim. Stick your last flap (the hump) into the slit. Use clear packing tap/duct tape to attach it to the back of the plane.
With whatever scrap cardboard you have left, cut two small circles. Color one in black and at this point feel free to decorate your wings and propellers with the black sharpie.
Tape the uncolored circle to the back of the propellers.
Tape the colored circle to the top of the propellers and tape entire piece onto the front of the box.
Now it’s play time!!
And here is a little sneak peek of my next crochet pattern! :) I will be posting it soon so stay tuned!


  1. says

    What a fantastic idea! Now I have to get a box somewhere :p My little one will absolutely love it 😀 😀

    Your baby looks so ADORABLE in that plane with the hat on :-) :-) 😀

    Have a lovely evening :-)

  2. says

    Adorable pilot in your great plane. Your baby is so cute. I'll tell all mothers around me how to make your plane. The hat is superb. Thanks for working out and sharing this idea.

    Have a lovely weekend, Margaret

  3. says

    Love your ideas! I am hoping to build one using a radio flyer wagon as it's base for wheels possibly to use in a local parade! Thanks for the tutorial. I am anxious to make our grandson your adorable pilot crochet hat to enjoy his new ride! You are so generous with your incredible patterns, thank you! I'll be watching for it if you plan to share it as you do all your other fabulous ideas!

  4. says

    Love this! I'm going to use it for a party for DD when she's bigger – plan on having an Amelia Earhart party as that's who DD is named after 😀

  5. Anna says

    Hello, I am completely in love with your aviator hat! I definately plan on making a few of these for baby showers. Just wondering though, could you potentially provide me with approximate dimensions of the hat for each of the baby sizes that you make? I just want to make sure that it comes out right. And thanx again…Keep up the good work!!!

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