Yarn Ball Basket Cupcakes (with Edible Crochet Hook!)

Are you planning a crafting get together? Or do you know a crocheter who has a birthday coming up? If so, these yarn ball cupcakes are the perfect treat for your party! Or make them for yourself just because you love yarn!

These are actually very simple to make and use store bought items:
– Cupcakes (I used vanilla with vanilla frosting)
– Glazed Donut Holes for the base of the yarn balls. The glaze helps the fondant stick. I bought THESE ONES
Wilton Neon Colors Fondant for the yarn. You can find it at most craft stores (like Michaels) and sometimes at the grocery store.
Strawberry Pocky sticks for the crochet hook. You can find these in the Asian foods section of the grocery store.  I have also seen them in the Target dollar section! You can get them in chocolate flavor as well.
Basket Cupcake Wrapper Printable from Skip to my Lou <—- click highlighted text for free printable.

Here is what you need to do:

Spread frosting over the top of your cupcake. I bought pre-made cupcakes from my grocery store bakery because I was feeling really lazy. You could of course make your own cupcakes either from scratch or from a box mix and use any kind of frosting you’d like.

Cut bottom off of donut holes (and discard) so they lay flat. I used 3 donut holes for one cupcake.

Role fondant into a skinny coil. It doesn’t have to be one long coil, you can role a bunch of shorter coils. I found that it helped if your hands were a little bit damp. If they were too dry the fondant would crack, too wet and it would start to melt. But just a little damp and it was a cinch to work with.

Now lay 3 or 4 strips of coil across the top of the donut hole. Pinch off excess coil.

On either side of the 3 coils, lay more coils down, again pinch off the excess fondant.
Keep laying down coils in different directions until the top of the donut hole is covered.
Then twist a little extra coil and stick it to the side so it looks like a little yarn strand.
Take a pocky stick and gently saw a little slanted nook out of the top area with a knife. Stick it in the center of the cupcake!
For a finishing touch, print out the free Basket Cupcake Wrapper Printable, cut it out and tape it around the cupcake.
Impress your friends with this yarny treat at your next craft party!

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