Felt Bumble Bee Keychain

Bee Mine Valentine! Make this cute little felt bumble bee keychain for your sweetie! Or make it just because it’s adorable and reminds me of Spring :) And lets be honest, who doesn’t love a cute little felt bee with yarn antennae and a heart button?! I’ve provided a template below for easy crafting. And here’s a spoiler… tomorrow I will post a crochet version :)

– Yellow, Black, and White Felt
– Yellow, Balck, and White Yarn scraps
– Key ring
– Small heart button
– Hot glue gun
– Needle
Note: You can choose to hot glue everything together and skip sewing together edges with yarn. Up to you!
Print out template and cut two body pieces, two heart wings, and the black stripes.

Sew face and hear button on one of the body pieces. Attach yarn to keyring and sew yarn edging around wings with needle (optional)

Hot glue keyring string and bottoms of heart wings to the center of the second body piece. Do not glue along edge where you will be sewing. Of course if you decide not to sew, just go ahead and glue the entire thing together :)

Now sew the two body pieces together.

String a strand of black yarn through the top of head and make about 8 square knots for each antennae. You will need to use your needle to string yarn through the felt.

All finished! Of course you could leave the keychain off and use this as a magnet, appliqué, pin, ornament, or hanging from a mobile. So many options!



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