Crochet Gingerbread Man Pixel Square


The gingerbread man has been baking for the past couple days and now he is ready to join the Crochet Christmas Character Afghan! He is square number 6 of 9 Christmas themed C2C crochet squares and when they are all finished, I will stitch them together into one large afghan! As I finish each square, I will post the graph and reveal the next character/image in the blanket. Feel free to work along with me!



If you are just joining in you can find the other squares through links below:

Square #1: Santa


Square #2: Christmas Tree



Square #3: Frosty the Snowman



Square #4: Santa’s Sleigh



Square #5: Elf


I am using the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. You can see my first C2C graphgan HERE that has a how-to video. But I am told that most people have success learning how to make a C2C afghan by following THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATION by The Crochet Crowd.

Each pixel graph in my blanket is 25×25 pixel squares. I used a size F (3.75mm) hook and worsted weight yarn. For this particular square I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice  in Scarlett Red (for the background), Honey (for the main body), Chocolate (for the cookie border), Black (for the eyes), Pink (for the cheeks), Fern Green and Scarlett for the buttons, and white for the smile and stripes.  For each of these squares you will need about two skeins of the background color and also two of any color that makes up the main image (like white for Santa). Otherwise you will need only one skein of the other colors.

VERY IMPORTANT: Instead of the traditional C2C method of using DC’s and chain 3’s to make each pixel, I used HDC’s and only chained 2 (and chained 5 instead 6 on the increase stitches). This allowed me to have a smaller overall afghan square, measuring approximately 15×15 inches. You can absolutely use the traditional method but your square will be much larger and your overall afghan will be much larger as well once you sew them all together. As is, my finished blanket will be big enough for a twin size bed… possibly even larger!

You do not have to use the C2C method either! You can take this graph and make a standard SC graphgan. This will produce nice small squares (think 25 single crochets wide and tall) that will be perfect for a standard size blanket. You could also make Pixel Granny Squares and use the graphs I post to create separate character blankets. There is also the Bobble Stitch method as well! So many ways to use these graphs!

CLICK HERE to download the Gingerbread Man Pixel Graph
(I left the background blank to save you some ink!)


Several crocheters and generous followers of RCM have been taking these pixel graphs and writing out the color changes as they make their squares. I will add the written pattern for these color changes as they are shared with me!

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas Crochet-Along! Stay tuned for square #7!



Here is the written pattern for the color changes thanks to fellow crocheter, Claudia Melgar! Thanks Claudia!

Row 1 to 8 all Scarlet Red (SR)
Row 9 – 1SR 2CH 6SR
Row 10 – 6SR 1CH 1H 1CH 1SR 
Row 11 – 1SR 1CH 2H 1CH 6SR
Row 12 – 7SR 3H 1CH 1SR
Row 13 – 2SR 3H 1CH 7SR
Row 14 – 4SR 2CH 1SR 1CH 3W 1CH 2SR
Row 15 – 3SR 1CH 3H 1SR 1CH 1H 1CH 4SR
Row 16 – 4SR 1CH 2H 2CH 3H 1SR 2CH 1SR
Row 17 – 1SR 1CH 1H 2CH 3H 1CH 1W 2H 5SR
Row 18 – 5SR 1CH 1H 1W 6H 1W 1H 1CH 1SR
Row 19 – 1SR 1CH 9H 1W 1CH 6SR
Row 20 – 7SR 1CH 4H 1SR 2H 1W 2H 2SR
Row 21 – 2SR 1CH 9H 1CH 8SR
Row 22 – 9SR 3H 1FG 3H 1W 1H 1CH 3SR
Row 23 – 4SR 2CH 7H 4CH 6SR
Row 24 – 6SR 1CH 5H 1SR 3H 2CH 6SR
Row 25 – 8SR 1CH 9H 1CH 6SR
///////////// START DECREASE //////////////
Row 26 – 5SR 1CH 10H 1CH 7SR
Row 27 – 6SR 1CH 1W 5H 2W 1P 2H 5SR
Row 28 – 4SR 1CH 4H 1W 4H 1W 1H 1CH 5SR
Row 29 – 5SR 2H 1W 2CH 1H 1W 5H 1CH 3SR
Row 30 – 3SR 2H 1B 5H 1SR 1CH 2H 1CH 4SR
Row 31 – 4SR 1CH 1H 1CH 1SR 1CH 1H 1W 5H 1CH 2SR
Row 32 – 2SR 8H 2SR 2CH 4SR
Row 33 – 7SR 1CH 1H 1P 5H 1CH 1SR
Row 34 – 1SR 1CH 3H 1B 3H 7SR
Row 35 – 6SR 1CH 6H 1CH 1SR
Row 36 – 1SR 1CH 5H 1CH 6SR
Row 37 – 6SR 1CH 4H 1CH 1SR
Row 38 – 1SR 1CH 2H 2CH 6SR
Row 39 – 7SR 3CH 1SR
Row 40 to 49 all Scarlet Red (SR)


Need help with your C2C squares? Join my Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Facebook Group! Hundreds of fellow crocheters are also working on this project, asking good questions and getting great answers!



  1. Pam Daffara says

    Would it be possible for the written patterns for them all? I do better with written patterns, absolutely love all of them!!!

  2. Gail B says

    I just found your blog because someone posted a picture of your Santa pixel on Pinterest. I want to thank you for sharing your talents. I’ve started Santa and have the yarn for the next five. I’m anxiously awaiting the next three and hope to follow through to get it done by Christmas. I’m just picking up crochet again after several years and this project is such an inspiration. Again, thank you for sharing your talents. I appreciate it very much.

  3. says

    Hi Sarah, thank you for the wonderful patterns. I love the c2c christmas afghan, so cute.
    My question is:- I am one of those crazy left handed crocheters, and I am newish to crochet. I assume that the wonderful written patterns for the squares cannot be followed by a lefty because we crochet a c2c from the bottom left side not bottom right.
    Please help me, can I still follow along using the graph only or can I somehow follow the written pattern?

  4. dema shaffer says

    Love these, could someone please help with the colors on it, (gingerbread) I do not see them listed…Thank you…

    • Donna says

      This was posted, hope it helps! ” For this particular square I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Scarlett Red (for the background), Honey (for the main body), Chocolate (for the cookie border), Black (for the eyes), Pink (for the cheeks), Fern Green and Scarlett for the buttons, and white for the smile and stripes. For each of these squares you will need about two skeins of the background color and also two of any color that makes up the main image (like white for Santa).”

  5. Diane McGuire says

    Hi, these are lovely has anyone written the colour changes for the Gingerbread Man yet, I am sure I have seen these somewhere????? Thanks

  6. Faris says

    Dear Sarah,
    This is my first C2C project (thank you for the cute pattern!). What I’m seriously struggling with is the threads of the colour changes. If I crochet over the ends some colours show through on the front and still have some loose ends on the back which I don’t know what to do about. (I’m more on the amigurumi side of crochet so I’m not very experienced in the normal stuff) I couldn’t find anything helpful besides threading everything through my workpiece (which would be around a thousand single threads). Could you (or someone else of your comunity for that matter) please give me advice and help me?
    Thank you in advance!

  7. says

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  8. faye says

    I am very new to this and do not know what all these abbreviations mean? FG, CB<, w, sre tc can someone direct me to what they all mean? ALso is there an issue for a left handed person doing these. I read in one of the posts about struggles with the left handed user. please advise.

  9. Janice Burnell says

    In the directions for the Gingerbread man, I see SR with a number after it; what am I supposed to do with that direction?

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