Heart Eyes Emoji C2C Crochet Square and Pixel Graph


Heart Eyes is the first square is my Emoji C2C Crochet Graphgan! If you missed the sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram no worries, here are the details: I am creating a 9-square corner-to-corner (C2C) blanket just like my Christmas Character Afghan but smaller. The squares are 15×15 pixels (where as my Christmas characters were 25×25) and each one has a different emoji face on it! And because of the consistent colors, smaller size, and less color changes, the pieces work up faster. It took me about 1.5 hours to make one square. If you aren’t up for creating an entire blanket, you can use the squares individually! The Heart Eyes Emoji would make a great pillow cover for Valentine’s day or even a small lovey blanket!

If you are new to the C2C technique you can find several tutorials on how to begin. The Crochet Crowd has a great video tutorial that you can watch HERE. You can also refer to the videos and picture tutorials in my Baby Sheep C2C or my Owl C2C for more instruction.

– Size G Crochet Hook
– Worsted Weight Yarn in Yellow, Red, Brown, White, Pink, Black and Blue. I am using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Mustard, Scarlett, Chocolate, Pink, White, Black and Aqua. You only need about 1 skein for each piece… I think I was able to get two squares out of  1.5 skeins of white and yellow. Obviously the smaller features use a less yarn.
– Tapestry needle

Finished Square is approx 12 x 12 inches.

You can download the Heart Eyes Graph HERE.

NOTE: I made a last minute decision to leave off the orange and only use yellow. I am leaving the graphs with the orange border just in case you decide you want to crochet yours like that. If you are up for the extra color change I think the emoji’s will look great with the orange! Or you can leave the orange squares yellow as I did.


Color Change Pattern for Heart Eye Emoji:
Pattern does not include orange. Yellow is used for all.

Increase Rows:

Row 1: 1W
Row 2: 2W
Row 3: 3W
Row 4: 4W
Row 5: 5W
Row 6: 2W, 2Y, 2W
Row 7: 1W, 5Y, 1W
Row 8: 1W, 6Y, 1W
Row 9: 1W, 7Y, 1W
Row 10: 1W, 4Y, 2B, 2Y, 1W
Row 11: 1W, 2Y, 1B, 2Y, 3R, 1Y, 1W
Row 12: 2W, 3R, 3Y, 1B, 1Y, 2W
Row 13: 2W, 5Y, 4R, 2W
Row 14: 2W, 1Y, 3R, 3Y, 1B, 2Y, 2W
Row 15: 3W, 5Y, 2R, 2Y, 3W

Decrease Rows:

Row 16: 2W, 2Y, 2R, 6Y, 2W
Row 17: 2W, 2Y, 3R, 1Y, 1R, 2Y, 2W
Row 18: 2W, 3Y, 3R, 2Y, 2W
Row 19: 1W, 2Y, 4R, 3Y, 1W
Row 20: 1W, 3Y, 3R, 2Y, 1W
Row 21: 1W, 1Y, 2R, 4Y, 1W
Row 22:  1W, 3Y, 2R, 1Y, 1W
Row 23: 1W, 1Y, 1R, 3Y, 1W
Row 24: 2W, 2Y, 2W
Row 25: 5W
Row 26: 4W
Row 27: 3W
Row 28: 2W
Row 29: 1W

Continue to SC around the edge. I alternated between 2 SC and 3 SC stitch per each pixel square along the edge and a SC + chain 2 + SC in the corners.

The best part about these emoji’s is that most of them look the same when reversed so you can choose whichever side looks better when you are done crocheting to be your front of the blanket!

You excited for this series?! I am! Stay tuned for square #2!



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  1. Angela says

    the big question is…will the poop emoji be included?? That’s my favorite one, I know, I’m 5 years old!!! ha ha, can’t wait to start this!!!

  2. Barbara Ortiz says

    I love this and can’t wait to see the other squares.

    I noticed on the written part for row 15 it should say 2r not 3

  3. Kimberly says

    I just finished making this and noticed two typos. Row 10 should end with a white instead of yellow, and row 15 should have 2 red instead of 3. Thanks for the great pattern!!!

    • Lou says

      Man I wish I had read this before I gave up. Looked at for an hour and couldn’t find the problem. Thanks. Also what do you do with all
      The ends.

    • Lana says

      Also, row 15 should be 3W, 2Y, 2R, 5Y, 3W. Having the grid really helps. I made the blowing kiss smiley as my first one and about 3/4’s of the way through stopped following the pattern and used the grid. This time when I got to row 15 and realized something was wrong I moved to the grid.

  4. Daniella says

    I love all your C2C Graphgans!! But I’m wondering what do you use to create the actual graphs to make your creations come to life?

  5. Patricia says

    I love your C2C patterns. I have used the C2C pattern for afghans for years but never thought of pictures. This has opened up a totally new world for. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  6. heather says

    I may be an idiot or reading wrong… but heart eyes pattern calls for B (I took to mean Blue), but there is no blue… is this a typo or my misunderstanding?

  7. Carmen says

    I will never start a pattern again without reading comments. I was totally going nuts thinking I was doing something wrong. I made the heart eyes and tears of joy square. I’m not sure if I want to do this again. It was quite frustrating following the pattern.

  8. Chas says

    Wish she would make the corrections to the instructions. Kinda stinks to get all the way to 15 and it be wrong. Plus.. I would also think she would want to interact with her readers and I don’t see where she has responded to anyour post on here. I get it.. people are busy.. but your readers make you successful, so interacting is important. Especially when you released a pattern with mistakes.

  9. Jeeva says

    Hi Sarah,

    I just happen to come across your blog, because of the emoji afghan. It looks amazing.

    I also want to thank you for putting up the pattern out for free, which is so much of a help for newbies like me. I had started learning crocheting from youtube video tutorials, and there aren’y much variety of stitches and patterns that show the written pattern. I wanted to leave you a good luck and a big thanks for your help and support. And once i get my hands on some new yarns of white, yellow, brown, red and blue, i would love to start working on this afghan. Will definitely tag you as well in Instagram. You definitely will deserve all the praises i am sure i will get, once i am done. :)

  10. Mona says

    I love this blanket!! I made a couple of pillows with the poop square on one side and the emoji with hearts for eyes on the other side for my great niece and her boyfriend. They loved them!! I also started making squares for the blanket about a year ago and then got side tracked with only 6 squares made. Now I want to finish the blanket but the square I just finished is larger than the first 6. I thought I was using the same “G” hook I started out with but now I’m not so sure. Can you tell me the mm size of the G hook? I have a few different sizes of them. I guess my tension could be different than a year ago. Gosh, I hope not!!

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