Crochet C2C Bernat Blanket Bear


Looking for a quick, easy, and gender neutral baby blanket?! This one is going to be your new go-to pattern! I’ve combined my two newest obsessions: Bernat Blanket Yarn and C2C (corner-to-corner) to create this extra soft and snuggly Teddy Bear Blanket! If you aren’t familiar with Bernat Blanket Yarn, it is a bulky weight, soft and cozy chenille-style yarn that is great for plush blankets, crochet baskets, and home decor accessories. This chunky yarn stitches up quickly so it’s the perfect choice for this project. Even with a small(ish) pixel graph like this one, you can create a nice size blanket! Plus it’s machine washable and dryable for easy care.

If you haven’t tried the C2C (corner-to-corner) technique there are a couple of resources for you to check out. I have created several C2C projects like THIS one and THIS one that you can refer to, but you should definitely take a look at  THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATION by The Crochet Crowd which is a good starting point to learn how to crochet in the corner-to-corner method.

NEW!! The Crochet Crowd has made video tutorial for this Bernat Blanket Bear C2C project! See their step-by-step video tutorial HERE.

UPDATE 1-18-17
Big thanks to Kim Melikian from Knits by Kim who took the time to write out the pattern for this project!
Click HERE to get the C2C Written Pattern in printable PDF format. 

Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn in Vintage White, Sand, and Taupe (1 of each)
Bernat Blanket Brights Yarn in Go Go Green (2 skeins)
Choose from a variety of colors at!
– Size J Crochet Hook
– Large Tapestry Needle

Finished Size: 40 inches tall x 32 inches wide (with border)


Download the C2C Teddy Bear pixel graph HERE



Border: 3 rounds of SC stitches along edges making SC + chain 2 + SC in the corners. One last round of SC stitches in the vintage white. OR get creative with a fancier border! Shell stitches? Picots? Anything you want!



I seriously can’t get enough of this ultra soft and thick texture! Snuggle up and get cozy. Can’t wait to see what colors you choose for your teddy bear and background. Customize for a girl or boy or keep it neutral!


Zoe under the blanket to show size!

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  1. Abbey says

    Did you use the big 300g balls of each color or the smaller balls? (Obviously, you don’t need much taupe (-: ). Thanks! It’s super cute!

  2. Julie mccartney says

    This pattern is gorgeous. Can I crochet it with double knit wool please . Many thanks Julie x

  3. says

    So Cute! Ever since your emoji blanket I have fallen in love with C2C projects. This pattern is definitely on my project list! Thank you so much for all the free patterns!

  4. Lisa says

    I love this!! Made an emoji pillow with your patterns and it turned out well….but really struggled with carrying the yarn over in the back as you demonstrated. The back looked awful..but didn’t matter because it was a pillow. Has to look good with a blanket though. All I see are a bunch of yarn ends to weave in :(

  5. Gloria Hernandez says

    Hello! I have a question on the bernat bear blanket c2c where do you start decreasing? I really want to make this project thank you

      • Janis says

        I just made this. This afghan is made in a rectangular shape so decreasing is different. Follow the graph and once row 30 is completed is when the decreasing starts but it is not an even decrease on each side as were the increases. Continue to work pattern from graph and it will fall into place. It works up very quickly using the baby blanket yarn and size L hook.

    • Janis says

      I just made this. This afghan is made in a rectangular shape so decreasing is different. Follow the graph and once row 30 is completed is when the decreasing starts but it is not an even decrease on each side as were the increases. Continue to work pattern from graph and it will fall into place. It works up very quickly using the baby blanket yarn and size L hook.

    • Rosy says

      You begin decreasing on Row 24 – There’s a printable pattern onyou can print and/or download – That’s what I did :) Right below where she wrote UPDATE 01/18/2017

    • Me says

      I am confused on how to use the graft properly as the rows are flipping from side bottom to side top. When you start new row bottom goes to top an that changes if you are looking the chart. Am I missing something. How am I to read the chart properly

  6. Paula Fonseca says

    I’d love to try this blanket!! However, I can’t get that chunky wool here in Zimbabwe. Would I be able to use a type of regular double knit wool? Love this blanket!!

  7. Kim says

    I’m trying to figure out something. I’m making a c2c with 25 rows and 36 columns. My question is, I have 11 rows that will have the same amount of squares (25), what do I need to do for these rows?

  8. Kim Melikian says

    I’m making a c2c with 36 columns and 25 rows. There are 11 rows that’s going to have the same amount of blocks (25). How do I need to do those rows so that they will have the same amount. After these 11 my decrease starts. Please write step by step instructions because I’m fairly new crocheter. Thank you.

  9. Jasmine says

    Hello…I love all of your patterns and have recently begun some c2c projects. If I wanted to use a different type of yarn for this particular blanket say Red Heart Super Saver….would I have to make a bigger area around the bear(teal in your blanket) and use a particular hook size to ensure the blanket is sized accordingly?

  10. Dhoralynn Gonzalez says

    Hi ! I love all your project. I will love to make this for my baby girl. And also I will like to make other design in this technique for my older daughter going to college ( like a flower) where or how to I make a graph electronically. I know people use graph paper but to be sincere I will be lost with dimensions. If you are kind enough and stir me in the right direction

  11. Evelyn Garnet says

    Sorry, Sarah, but I found a problem with your supply list after I got working on this. You didn’t mention the yarn for the eyes and nose. I live in Toronto where you can get just about anything but had a problem finding a dark colour in the blanket yarn. I had to buy a big ball of the coal colour on e-bay. I could have gone to the knitting warehouse, etc. but the shipping would have cost more than the rest of the blanket. If I had realized this before starting it, I might have rethought the whole project or switched to another yarn.

    • Heather says

      I believe the taupe color listed is for the eyes and nose with sand and vintage white are the main colors for the bear.

      • Patti says

        Heather – you are so nice to answer questions. Can you please tell us what stitches to use for the graph? I see the graph but I have no idea what stitches to use. I bought all of the yarn but none of the weblinks go to a pattern. Please can you help?

    • Sophie says

      Hi Evelyn!
      Where in Toronto did you get the go go green color? I cant find it in my town and im planning a trip next week to TO. Thanks for your usefull reply.

      • Sophie says

        Finally I found a great shop in Toronto with all the colors I needed for this project and a lot more! Sew’n Knit’n Serge outlet in East York is a great place to shop

  12. Derry Day says

    Would love to do this, but is there an actual pattern I can follow. You know – Row 1, Row 2, etc. or am I supposed to figure it out by using the PIXEL chart, which by the way I cannot get to print. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Nita says

        If you look up corner to corner crochet pattern, that is what is used. Begin with the bottom right corner of graph….

  13. janel says

    Thank you so much for another beautiful pattern im making this right now im using red heart light blue for the back ground red for the bear and yellow for the belly, snout and ears and black for the eyes and nose mine has turned out 24 inchs wide and 26 ichs high i am having a lot of fun making this and its looking awsome .thank you so much for this pattern.

  14. says

    Haven’t been able to download blanketbear or see ya later alligator?
    Last I could download was ctc xmas afghan turned out great love this stitch
    Can you tell me why I cant print any of these patterns?

  15. Lucille says

    By any chance do you have written instructions for the teddy bear graphghan ? I made your owl C2C blanket from the Lionbrand website and found it easier for me follow.

  16. Marie Hawkins says

    I have made a square c2c blanket and just made wide enough and then started to decrease at both ends. I watched a video to make rectangular so I know to make the width and keep increasing for the length on one side but I have not followed a graph.
    Do I pick the half way point on the graph length row 15 or do I start after the width row 23.
    Please advise as I love the teddy bear and would like to make this my new go to blanket.
    Do I have to use the chenille yarn or can I use a chunky or bulky in lieu?
    Thank you for sharing your graph, it looks fabulous.

  17. Barbara says

    Why are there no step-by-step instructions? Every link on your page here just tries to go to Facebook. Not everyone uses stupid Facebook.

    • Nita says

      Go on red heart yarn’s website and search for corner 2 corner throw. That will give you the stitch that is used. Or you can find it on youtube. Once you’ve got the stitch, take the graph and start in the bottom right corner.

      • says

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    • Nita says

      You could probably work this pattern from left to right, you’d just use a DC stitch instead of the corner2corner stitch.

  18. ANN says

    Could you please tell me where I can download a row by row written pattern to know where and when to change colours to make this very cute blanket, thanks.

  19. Shelia says

    I made this blanket for my grandson. It was the cutest thing I have ever done. I got so many compliments on the blanket. I had so much fun making it, I want to do another one.

    • Michelle Fowler says

      when you get this blanket did you go off the graph and write it out if so is there any way you could share that

  20. Angelica Ramirez says

    Hi Sarah!!!
    Would like to know if it´s the same if I choose to start from the left down corner instead of the right down corner on the graph?
    Should be right?

  21. Sonia A. Gatti says

    Dear Sarah, I cannot find the directions for the Cuddly Teddy Bear Blanket, only directions to make the border. I would very much like to make this adorable blanket. I donate baby blankets to the Beauty Ball, a charity for cancer victims, and they hold an auction and use the money for cleaning services, wigs, etc. Thanking you in advance, Sonia Gatti

  22. Joy Van Lenten says

    I began the blanket yesterday, ordered the yarn online from Joann craft and Walmart to get what the pattern called for. I watched several different videos for help. One showed you exactly how to use graph. My question, since the J hook is making the blanket so stiff, if I switch to K hook, or L, will I have enough yarn? At $40 for the project already, I don’t want to have to buy more, and risk as well a different dye lot. I did not see a guage given. Thank you.


  23. Jackie says

    Do you have this pattern in PDF? I’d greatly appreciate it if you could tell me how to get it! Thanks in advance!!! Jackie

  24. Erin Markley says

    Hi! I have been asked to make this blanket with a sage green background and I cant find bernat baby blanket in the right color. Do you happen to know how the dimensions would be if I used vannas choice instead? Thanks!!

  25. Pam says

    I would like to have the printed instructions. When I click the link for step-by-step instructions it takes me to facebook.

    Can you help me get the printed instructions?

    Thank you.

  26. Sharon Perkins says

    I just finished my blanket. Can’t say I liked the yarn…I found it hard to work with and most likely won’t use it again. However!! Once I start a project I finish it! I also ran out of taupe with 5 rows left…grrrr. thankfully it was on sale and I had a coupon so that one ball only cost me 2.99!

  27. Gina Somma says

    I also haven’t been able to download the pattern!
    I have read through all the comments with the hope that there might be a link to download the instructions in one of the other comments. I can only download the graph! And the only instructions that I see is for the border! A lot of people have asked the same question but didn’t get an answer!
    Can you please tell us if there’s a pattern or we are suppose to figure out on our own when to switch the colors by looking at the graph?
    Thank you!

  28. Alana says

    Please help me, I am trying to do the c2c graphgan of the blanket bear. When I get to row 23 it doesn’t work out. I have taken this apart 3 times and still having a problem. What am I doing wrong

  29. says

    I cannot print your Teddy Bear instructions. I have had no problems up until now. Could you send me the instructions by email? or PDF?
    My granddaughter fosters children and she got a new baby. Would love to make it for her. She is 10 days old.

  30. Katelyn says

    Hey! Awesome project! Just about to start but do I use a J hook like the pattern says or an L like you mention to use in your comments? Please let me know when you have a chance. All the best!

  31. says

    where do I find written instructions so I know when or how to start decrease to make this rectangular instead of square love the pattern but even though it says free instructions I sure can’t find them what am I missing

  32. says

    where do I find written instructions so I know when or how to start decrease to make this rectangular instead of square love the pattern but even though it says free instructions I sure can’t find them what am I missing

  33. Cheryll says

    I have tried 3 times to make this bear, and for some reason I can’t figure the pattern right. Any chance there is a written pattern?? Thanks!

  34. Raji says

    Thank u so much for this tutorial….this is soooo cuteee….
    Ive finished my blanket….just wanted to check out if i can give ur page link as reference in my blog.

  35. Liz says

    I thought it was something that I was missing, but there are quite a few crocheters asking the same question.

    How or where do you get the pattern for the Teddy Bear Blanket?

    Can anyone help, please.

  36. Denise says

    Hi Sarah! I’m about to finish this blanket. All I have to do is the border. Will post the finished project onto Instagram soon

    Just wanted to say thank you for another awesome pattern. My friend Is definetly going to love this.

    A very happy new year from germany


  37. Hilda Mercado-González says

    YOU really do beautiful work. I crochet a little, defend myself like we say, but nothing like you.
    Have a wonderful year. God bless you and yours.

  38. Avy says

    The Crochet Crowd has a video out explaining how to write out c2c pattern using the graph. It took me over an hour to look at the graph and write out the pattern . I haven’t done the blanket yet so I can’t share a story I’d wouldn’t want to steer anyone wrong if I made a mistake. You tube Crochet crowd bernat bear blanket for this hour tutorial on this blanket.

  39. Lynette says

    i am doing this with your word instructions, on row 15 you only have 14 boxes. i am trying to figure out where and what color to add. Can you help me out with this. i rarely have time to crochet these, nevermind trial and error. thank you

  40. Felecia Thomas says

    Hi I’m having problem on row 24 on the right for the background it’s saying on the graph 4 blocks, but I’m coming up with 5 blocks. I’ve counted all the row, everything else is coming out right. Please help me anyone

    • Kim says

      R24 – 4Wh, 2DB, 8LB, 5DB, 4Wh

      This is the pattern for row 24, which is a decrease row. Did you increase at the beginning?
      If you increase that is where your extra block is coming from. If you need any more help, let me know.

  41. Judy says

    Thank you for this lovely free teddy bear pattern. I have had success with the written pattern up to row 24 where you say to decrease. Unfortunately if you do this at that point you are not completing the full teddy bear as the graph goes up to row 30 before it decreases. Could you please check this and let me know if I am reading this wrong somehow. If in fact, you do start to decrease at row 24 you throw the whole design out!
    Kind regards

  42. Adisa says

    If I wanted to do the blanket in worsted weight yarn what size hook would I need to make it a baby blanket

  43. Lorna says

    Really a good idea. I’ve used this yarn once before, but not the corner technique. My friends baby is due so great this will work for either gender…

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