Cuddly Crochet Cloud


When I showed you guys my Bright and Bulky Bernat Blanket, I kept getting comments about how the yarn looked like a fluffy cloud… and at that point I couldn’t resist :) Meet my cute little Cuddly Crochet Cloud! Made with soft and squishy Bernat Blanket Yarn, it really does look and “feel” like a cloud!


1 skein of Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in White. You can purchase directly from!
– Worsted Weight yarn in white (arms and legs) and a bit of black (mouth). I recommend Bernat Super Value.
– Size J Crochet Hook
– 10mm Safety Eyes
– Poly-fil stuffing (optional)
– Tapestry Needle

Finished Size: 12 inches wide (from arm to arm) x 7 inches tall

SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet


Cuddly Crochet Cloud Pattern (Make 2):
Chain 21, SC in second chain from hook and rest of the way down chain, chain 1, turn (20 SC)
Row 2: SC decrease, SC in next 16, SC decrease in last, chain 1, turn
Row 3: SC in each stitch across, chain 1, turn
Row 4: SC decrease, SC in next 14, SC decrease in last, chain 1, turn
Row 5: SC in each stitch, chain 1, turn (16 SC)
Row 6: SC, HDC in next, 2 DC in next, HDC, SC, repeat from beginning down row 2 more times, SC in last stitch, chain 1, turn
Row 7: SC in first, 2 DC in next 2, DC in next, HDC in next, SC in next two, HDC, 2 DC in next 3, DC, SC in next two, 2 DC in next 3, HDC, SC, do not turn
Now working along side: SC, Skip one, 4 DC all in one, skip 1 and join to next with SC. This should bring you to the bottom corner.
Make 3 SC in corner stitch and SC along bottom
3 SC in next bottom corner
Now worker on other short edge, SC, skip a stitch, make 4 DC all in one, and. That should bring you up to the first bump along top.

Add Safety Eyes and stitch on a “v” with black yarn for a smile between eyes.

Arms and Legs (make 4):
Chain 5, SC in second chain from hook and in next 2, make 2 SC in last chain, SC along other side of chain
Row 2-6: Continue to SC in rounds until desired length.
Fasten off and weave in ends (or stuff the loose ends inside the arms/legs.


Stick arms and legs between the two cloud body pieces. With your worsted weight yarn (NOT the blanket yarn) you will stitch together the seems, sewing the arms and legs between the two pieces as you go. Weave your tapestry needle back and forth under the tops edge stitches. You won’t be able to see the worsted weight yarn when finished!

Before closing shut stuff with poly-fil OR do as I did and use the rest of your Bernat Baby Blanket skein to stuff body. You won’t have that much yarn left… the perfect amount to stuff this little guy!


Now you are ready to cuddle your cloud!
(and then make THIS blanket to match)



My son is wearing his Kids Happy Grey Cloud T-Shirt that I purchased from Amazon:

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  1. Amy says

    Cute! Is there a way I can make this bigger? Like the size of a throw pillow? I’m wanting to make one for my daughter’s reading nook in her big girl room!

  2. Pat Lee says

    I made this for my daughter but the number of stitches does not match up in rows 6 and 7. I managed to fudge it a bit to the end and it came out great.

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