Paper Airplane Target

We happened upon a hobby store this past weekend and between the isles of train sets, bottle rockets and remote control cars, I saw a small bin of Balsa Wood Airplanes. You know, those flimsy little planes that come in 3 parts and only cost $1. I bought a couple and then realized I have never shown my son how to make a paper airplane. So yesterday was all about airplanes!

First we put together the Eagle Balsa Glider and then folded and colored our own paper airplanes. If you need to brush up on your airplane folding skills go to There are 10 easy designs with pictures and animated video for you to follow. We made “The Stealth” and “The Arrow.”

Now it was time to see how our planes would fly.  I made a target on our wood floor with blue painters tape. If the plane landed in the center you get 3 points, the middle ring was 2 points and the outer ring was 1 point. The launch pad was at the top of the stairs.

Unfortunately most of our planes took a nose dive. If only I knew more about wingspan and aerodynamics :o) But we did talk a little about how the planes looked different and it was fun to see which one flew the best (The Stealth!) They were very excited when a plane would land on the target. Big brother got a total of 6 points for the win!



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