Crochet Animal Alphabet Afghan

After almost a year in the making, I am excited to finally show you the finished Animal Alphabet Afghan!! This is a free crochet pattern! Since it has so many parts, the patterns and tutorials have been written up in different blog posts. Each animal appliqué has it’s own pattern post (all 26 of them).

The base blanket pattern (not including the border) can be found in a separate blog post as well. The blanket was made using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White using the Even Moss Stitch.

The finished blanket is 37×30 inches (without the border), 41×34 with the 2 inch border all the way around. The border pattern is as follows:

– Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in Fern Green, Raspberry pink, Mustard Yellow, Teracotta Orange, – Colonial Blue, Dusty Purple, and Scarlet Red, and Lion Brand Pound of love in Antique White
– Size G crochet hook

Border Pattern:
With antique white (the same yarn used in the base blanket)…
SC + Chain 1, skip a stitch, SC + Chain 1 next, repeat around. Try your best to make even spaced stitches on the rough edges. Fasten off.
Round 2: With green yarn, SC + Chain 1 in each chain 1 space all the way around. When you get to the corners SC + Chain 1 twice. Fasten off.
Repeat round 2 with each color using the antique white for the last two rounds.

Many of you have already asked how to sew the appliqués and letters on. The trick is that you will want to work in-between the stitches of the blanket… This means you don’t want to work your tapestry needle through to the back of the blanket. The puffy texture that the even moss stitch created will help you do this.

I suggest laying out the appliqués and pinning them down (I used stitch markers to pin them down) before you sew them on. Just to make sure you have them all placed evenly and how you like them.
Sew the appliqués on to the blanket by stitching along the edges of each animal. You will have to switch colors as you go if the animal is made up of different colors around the edges.

The letters are made up of a chains. Each letter has a height of a chain 10. The smaller parts of the letters are mostly made of up of 4, 5, or 6 chain lengths. Lay the chains out first so you can see a visual of your letter before you sew it down. Again you will want to work in-between the blanket stitches. It helps to weave your tapestry needle through the chain and through the blanket stitches almost as if you are pinning it down with a safety pin (see pictures below).

Other letter options would be to use the surface slip stitch (although that would show through the back of the blanket) or you could make Moogly’s Crochet Alphabet Letters!

This is what the back of my blanket looks like!
This would make a wonderful baby gift if you are up for the challenge :) The most tedious part is sewing all the pieces on. I procrastinated so that part took me the longest. If I did it over I might make separate squares with each letter and appliqué and then sew the squares together. You can find the pattern for my solid granny squares HERE. They would also make a great base for this project! 
I can’t wait to see your version of the Animal Alphabet Afghan! Please share with me on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram
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  1. says

    Gorgeous blanket with all the funny animals and letters. This blanket will make little children happy, who are learning to read. Thanks for the pattern.

    Love and hugs, Margaret

  2. says

    OMGosh! What an absolute treasure. So much work but so adorable. Thank you so much for the pattern. It is so generous of you to share it! What a special person you are! God bless you@

  3. says

    Wow! I am impressed. That is a beautiful blanket and I can only imagine the hours you spent working on it. Thank you much for so generously sharing the pattern. hmmmmm….grandchild due in July…I wonder if there's time enough to pull this off! Well, he won't be reading for several years, so probably! LOL

  4. says

    Ah so beautiful, just love it! You are so talented and so generous. I know a special young lady that would love one! Think I'm going to have to teach my friend to make one too!

  5. says

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing your patterns so willingly. Quick question – could you please tell me the exact stitches and how many rows you did for the base of this blanket? From what I can tell, you used 130 sts, but I'm unsure about the rows.


  7. says

    I just love this! I remember having a poster in my room with animals and letters and have wanted to get one for my baby, but now that I have found your patterns… of course – It has to be crocheted!
    Thank you, your site is lovely!

  8. Jeanne Ruvolo says

    I am in the process of making this blanket and have had no problems until I got to crocheting the unicorn. I have tried numerous times but am having a problem.The instructions say chain 10, DC in 3rd chain from hook,HDC, DC, TC in last 5, (not sure what you mean by last 5). If you can help me out with this it would be great. Thank you

  9. Cassie says

    I’m so excited, I just finished all the aminals tonight. Tomorrow begins the sewing on process, then on to the letters.

    I’ve made blankets for all the new babies my friends and family have had for years. This time, it’s my turn. I’m so happy to have found your blog and I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing your patterns. I can’t wait to wrap my baby boy up in this gorgeous blanket in just four short months.

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