Crochet Oversized Owl Pillow



This is the most snuggly, cuddly, and super soft owl around! Using Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn, I made an oversized owl pillow that is perfect for resting against, reading on, sleeping on, or just getting cozy. The yarn is super bulky (weight 6) and fast working. You will have this owl whipped up in no time!

– 2 skeins of Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn in Lilac (or color of your choice) and 1 skein of White.
CLICK HERE to find all the color and purchasing options for Bernat Baby Blanket yarn on the Yarnspirations website. 
– A bit of worsted weight yarn for the beak. I use Bernat Super Value in Oatmeal color.
– Size L (8mm) Crochet Hook
– 2 large black buttons (2 inches+)
– Large Tapestry Needle
– Unused bed sheet(s) for stuffing.


SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
DC Decrease = Double Crochet Decrease


Owl Body:
Magic Ring, chain 2 and make 15 DC in ring, pull tight and join, chain 2
Round 2: 2 DC in each stitch around, join, chain 2 (30 DC)
Round 3: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next, repeat around, join, chain 2 (45 DC)
Round 4: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 2, repeat around, join, chain 2 (60 DC)
Round 5: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 3, repeat around, join, chain 2 (75 DC)
Round 6-18: DC in each stitch around, join, chain 2 (75 DC)
Round 19: DC Decrease, DC in next 3, repeat around, join, fasten off leaving long tail. Do not sew shut yet.


Eyes (make 2):
Magic Ring, chain 1 and make 10 SC in ring, join, chain 1
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around, join, (20 SC)
Round 3: *4 HDC all in one stitch, skip a stitch, join to next with slip stitch, repeat from * around to make scallops.

With worsted weight yarn and size H crochet hook:
Magic Ring, chain 1 and make 12 SC in ring, join, chain 2
Round 2: DC + HDC in first stitch, SC in next 2, HDC + DC in next, HDC in next, SC in next 3, HDC + DC + HDC in next, SC in last 3, join, fasten off leaving long tail to sew onto owl between the eyes.

Using lilac yarn, slip stitch along round 2 to make an outline of the eye.


Sew on button eyes. Alternatively you could start your eyes with black yarn (just for the magic ring round) if you don’t want buttons on your finished piece.


Sew all pieces onto one side of owl body.


Stuff with old or unused bed sheets! I used a king size bed sheet that we don’t use anymore. You could also use this as storage for stuffed animals or soft toys. In that case you will want to attach buttons (or zipper?) to the top edge so it can be opened and closed.


With tapestry needle, sew together top edge. Weave your needle back and forth between the back loops.



Time to snuggle up and get comfy!



Finished size is approx 14 inches tall  x 18 inches wide when sitting.
Piece can be stuffed larger and may take a larger shape when fluffed and lifted.



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  1. says

    Gorgeous cuddly pillow. Nice color. I think this will be a great gift for a baby of a friend that will come in a few weeks. Thanks for this pattern.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  2. Cindy says

    I am so sorry to say this, but every time I come to your website my computer freezes because of a problem with a script. These are always associated with one of the ads on your page. My computer is only a couple of years old ,and I have Windows 10 so I don’t think it is because my computer is out of date. I don’t know if there is anything you can do about this, but thought you might want to know. I absolutely love your patterns, but I can never use them directly from your page. so I copy and paste them into a document and favorite them on Ravelry. Thank you for all your creativity and hard work. It is wonderful that you share so much.

  3. Sherry says

    This yarn is wonderful. It comes in two diff sizes of skeins – 3.5 oz and 10.5. Which size skeins if buying two?

    • Ellen Sheedy says

      I was questioning the same thing, but the amazon link takes you to 10.5. Therefore I am going to buy two of those.

  4. Barb R. says

    I am working on your C2C owl blanket as a baby shower gift and I think this pillow will go great with it. Thank you for all your great patterns and crochet tips!

  5. Sharon Carlsen says

    Thank for all of your patterns. I am making the owl pillow and having trouble with the last row. Thank you for your help

  6. says

    Love this pattern! I’ve made one for each of my girls. I used their old receiving blankets for stuffing instead of sheets. I was looking for something to do with them and this was perfect!

  7. Debbie says

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern, my daughter loves it! (Oversized Owl Pillow) too bad I can;t post a pic of it

  8. sylvie ouellet says

    Hello, I do not understand the rank 19. How should we do to decrease … I translated from English into French because I do not speak English. I do the google translation. I thank you answer me. Pleasure. Sylvie

  9. Julie says

    I am a very new/beginner crocheter. I am trying to make the body and struggling with the 3rd row. I understand DC 2x in each stitch to double from 15-30 stitches. I am not sure how to only increase 15 stitches by your directions. Is there a way to explain how to only get 15 more stitches?

    Round 3: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next, repeat around, join, chain 2 (45 DC). If I’m DC in 1st stitch and then DC in the next, where is the increase happening?

    Thanks for your patience and help!

    • Stephanie says

      Not sure if you figured this out yet Julie, but you would do 2 DC in first stitch and then 1 in the next stitch – for 3 total stitches. The increase is the 2 DCs into one stitch. Hope I’m explaining in a way you can follow. :)

  10. Alison says

    My daughter would love this! She is 10, so I am wondering if it would be easy to adapt the pattern to make it bigger? Or would it be big enough as is?

  11. Diane says

    I was thinking this could easily be made into a cat. Change the eyes a little bit, turn the “beak” upside down to make it a nose, and slip stitch some whiskers!

  12. Geri says

    I made the oversized owl pillow and it is adorable but is definitely not oversized. I followed the pattern exactly and used the bernat blanket yarn and the correct size hook but it turned out to be a very normal size pillow. I’m going to try to add more increase rows and see if I can get a bigger pillow. Having said that, it turned out very cute!

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